Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Back from Spain

I'm back from Spain and what a trip it was. It was fast, though getting there took forever, or what seemed like forever. Getting back was even longer, but the actual trip there was great.

I met with Amazon and did Amazon Academy with them. I got to meet such an incredible group of people and some highly talented authors. I am so glad I went. What a beautiful area of Spain I was in. Absolutely spectacular. I got to go on a tour and learn about the history of Spain, and met some more wonderful people. I also got to dip my feet in the Mediterranean Sea which was awesome. I always have to touch the water wherever I go.

There are more adventures coming up very soon. I have a new Pilot series that I'm working on now with very sexy men who can't wait to be tamed. I'm also working on a new erotic romance that has a few twists and turns in it. I've made more progress with my thriller as well. Next year is going to be an exciting year. I can't wait to take the journey with you all!

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