Monday, July 14, 2014

RWA...Getting Closer!

Only a week to go until RWA! I'm so excited to come down there and meet with some new people. It's going to be hotter than hot, but I will survive thanks to air conditioning. I've been plugging away with edits and can't wait for you all to meet the Whitmans. I've had fun with this new family, and some guest appearances from some of the Andersons in the books. We had a fun water/nerf war last Friday. I think the girls won, but the guys are emphatic that they won. We'll let them think so. I hope you are all enjoying your summer outings. I've been working outside. I can't make myself stay inside right now. The weather is just too beautiful to ever be inside!! I'm looking forward to the country concerts that are coming up. I'll have lots of pics for you all!! I can't wait to meet Blake Shelton. That man is amazing. Stay safe and enjoy your families!

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